Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo Essay Reflection

The Photo Essay took me a lot more time than I had expected. After I overcame my technological difficulties everything seemed to fall into place. I was originally overwhelmed with the assignment, but the more work I put into it, the easier it became.  I am happy with my final results. My pictures of pictures turned out well and helped validate the argument I am making. I attempted to show a progression throughout each family member’s life, and I believe I did that to the best of my abilities using the resources available to me. I did have some limitations due to the PowerPoint software. I tried to use a template that would allow each individual picture to come to the front of the screen while keeping multiple pictures on the slide, but I could not get it to work with the picture files I was using and resorted to a more basic template. The audience can now view all of the pictures on one slide. I do not feel this took away from my argument, it just allowed me to present it in a different, and less isolated perspective. I believe that my photo essay accurately displays the argument I am trying to make. I believe it can be relevant to everyone. It does allow my audience to view my family as an example to compare their own upbringing to. Whether they come from a similar lifestyle as I do or if it is something completely different, it will elicit a reaction from the viewer to reflect. The question of nature versus nurture has troubled psychologists for centuries, but I believe that it is a combination of the two that really shapes the personalities of the people in the world. In reality, nature and nurture cannot truly be separated, but work cohesively to help develop the personality throughout childhood.

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