Thursday, February 26, 2015

Visual Rhetorical Analysis Purpose Statement and Design Plan

The purpose of my visual rhetorical analysis paper is to evaluate the visual strategies used in movie posters for Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. As I was looking at the posters, they are almost identical even though there was a twelve year gap between the movie releases. I am using the medium of an essay that includes the images of the poster to express my argument. The posters will be placed within the essay, so the audience can easily connect the image with the text. Both of the movies were comedies that appealed to the children and family audiences. The audience for my essay will be those who have an interest in the movies being discussed as well and those who the advertising for the movie targets. It will allow my audience to identify the strategies used to appeal to them as well as show that they continued to have their effect regardless of the time period. This paper will help me make a scholarly evaluation of the expression of the posters and clearly show them to my audience. I chose the Monsters movies because they appeal to my peers and I enjoy them. The first film, Monsters, Inc., was released early in our childhood. The prequel was released at the end of our childhood as we were transitioning to become adults, marking the end of a generation essentially. With this in mind the context of my paper will show that the same strategies are continually used throughout generations and it will also allow me to appeal to a broader audience considering the large gap between the two movies release dates. My paper will be the best medium for expressing my information and argument because it allows me to express my ideas through words and support my observations with the images alongside the text.
Purpose: The essay is analyzing the use of visual strategies to catch the reader’s attention. I am analyzing the posters from the Monsters movies, Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. These are one of many topics I could have chosen from. The posters that I will be using to make my argument show how the advertising for both of the movies was nearly identical and still proved effective even though the movies were released more than ten years apart.
Medium: I will be expressing my argument through an academic essay that incorporates both my own words and the images of the movie posters that I will be referring to throughout the argument. By incorporating the images into the text the reader will be able to more easily connect the words to the images. I will try to add in the images as seamlessly as possible allowing the words to continue around the image as if it is a part of the essay itself.
Ethos: I will be able to prove my credibility by providing links to the website that I used to get access to these images. The website was recommended by my professor, and therefore is considered a credible source. I have also see both Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University so I feel I am qualified to analyze the posters because I can connect them to the actual story.
Pathos:  I will be able to appeal to my audience’s emotions by recognizing the emotional appeals made in the posters. I will bring these strategies to the audience’s attention and discuss how they are used to effectively elicit a response from the viewer. I will also be able to stir up some form of nostalgia from my audience, especially if they have seen both movies or simply remember when they were released.
Logos: My argument is calling the reader to notice the strategies used in visual appeals. By doing so, I am giving my audience the tools to analyze other images and advertisements that they come across. I have selected two pairs of images that are nearly identical for advertising both movies and one that have the same concept but a difference execution. This will allow me to clearly display my argument using the strategy of comparing and contrasting.
Arrangement: The essay will be arranged in standard, academic essay format. I will write in paragraphs that allow me to fully develop my argument through words. The paper itself should be able to stand on its own. I will be adding in the images that are being discussed in the paragraphs alongside my writing to allow the reader to make that strong connection and to provide extra support to my written argument. I am going to add my images along the left margin so they can be viewed as a part of the paper when being read left to right.
Testing: Upon the completion of my essay and the addition of the images to the paper, I will have my rough draft. I will have one or two of my peers read my rough draft and give me feedback on how to better develop my argument. I would preferably have a peer that is in my class and aware of the assignment guidelines be one of those who views my draft, along with an outside source allowing me two different perspectives. I feel this will give me the best constructive criticism and allow me to make the changes to have the strongest argument possible.

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