Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Research Paper Purpose Statement

Topic: Autism Treatments

Purpose: Autism is growing across the world. Whether the causes of autism are growing or the ability to diagnose it has increased, it is more prevalent as are treatments. Autism fad treatments are becoming more common because everyone is looking for a quick fix. I want to look into the Gluten-Free Casein-Free diet and other fad treatments in the autism community and what has shown to work. I want to provide knowledge to those who are in contact with autistic individuals to help bridge the gap between the autistic mind and those who are not autistic.

Audience: Parents of Autistic Children and those who are working with autistic children such as Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals. In addition, because it is an academic paper my peers and professor will be added into the intended audience.

Context: There are many different controversies associated with the cause of autism and how to manage or treat the symptoms. Parents are constantly on the lookout for some way to help their children who often struggle to adapt to the world around them and struggle every day. My mom, who is a paraprofessional, sparked my interest. She is always telling me about the kids she works with and how they often struggle to find strategies to work with these kids because each case is different.

Medium: I will be writing in an academic research paper. I will be using scholarly articles and books to support my argument as well as synthesizing the articles. I will discuss the Gluten-Free Casein-Free diet, other strategies that have been presented but lack research and evidence of effectiveness as well as treatments that are supported by research and have evidence that they have worked in multiple cases.


Ethos: To prove my credibility I will be using scholarly sources to support my argument. Those who are respected in their field and have undergone peer review by other professionals in the field have composed these sources.

Pathos: I will appeal to my audience’s emotions by discussing strategies that can help autistic children. My main audience will be parents with autistic children, who already are invested emotionally. They will be looking to the paper for support and advice on the best direction to take when looking to provide help to their autistic children. This will also ease the stress that they feel in constant search for anything that will make a difference.