Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poster Analysis

I chose to analyze the poster for Crazy Stupid Love. I believe this movie came out with in the last five years,  between 2010 and 2015. The actors in it are currently popular in modern films, and the furniture and clothing in the picture is more modern looking. I think it is a romantic comedy. The title alone lets me make this inference, along with the actors that were selected that are typically in films of the same genre. The pose of the characters on the poster reflect some form of romantic scene as well with the man laying on the couch looking at the woman that has her high-heeled foot up on the table. The background of the image is blurred so the viewer focuses on the man and the woman's leg. The other colors are neutral, including tans and blacks, to bring more attention to the man's facial expression. The title is in white and stands out against the darker background. The head shots of the actors also stand out because they are all in front of different backgrounds on their own, drawing the eye of the view to each actors picture individually and allowing them to read the actors from left to right as they would with words. The visual path begins at Steve Carell's face and trails down the leg of the woman to the title located at the center of the poster. The path then continues downward to the pictures of the actors in the movie starting at the left with Steve Carell's image and traveling to the right ending with the picture of Kevin Bacon. The page then continues further down the poster to the date of release, July 29th, because the white print contrasts with the black background. The designers "ask" the audience to view the poster through this path because it draws their attention in and directs it in a specific fashion showing the things they want the audience to see in the order of importance and to spark interest. The audience will be more interested in the title and those who are in the movie before they are interested in the release date. The poster is used to draw in an audience through almost a sexual undertone through the image that is used and how it is related to the title especially the word "love". Once the audience is hooked, they see the rest of the important elements.

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