Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing, Design and Communication

Writing and design are major aspects of communication. How you present the content of your argument determines how effective you are at expressing your point. Certain types of presentations lend themselves to certain topics. The writing as a form of communication can simply not effectively portray the thoughts of the reader. Often times if writing is accompanied by images, videos or other graphics that add another level of perspective to the topic at hand, the point comes across more clearly. The graphics allow the reader to become more involve in the reading. If their mind feels that they came interact with what they are reading about their interest is peaked. An image that accompanies a well written paragraph can be the difference between having the reader skim through the work or actively read the paragraph in order to make a connection and have a better understanding of not only the image but the content associated with the image as well. In modern writing many people lose interest if their brain is not adequately stimulated or challenged throughout the piece. Interactive reading is engaging, effective, and allows the reader to make connections that they otherwise would not have even occurred to them had they not put the words and images or graphics together. The better the topic and idea of behind it can be expressed the better the communication becomes from the writer to the reader.

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